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Top Performance Pro Formula Degreaser 16oz

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Top Performance® Pro Formula Degreaser rids coat of excess oil and dirt while leaving a healthy sheen. Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Drying Formula.

Nothing rids coats of greasy grime and oily residues better than Top Performance® Pro Formula Degreaser™. Specially formulated to tackle the toughest, hard-to-remove dirt, this amazing shampoo deep cleans coats, leaving them grease-free and full of body and shine.

  • Great for cleaning greasy ears
  • Controls oily seborrhea
  • Removes excess oil from coats - it even removes motor oil!

Use alone or in addition to everyday shampoo to keep coats ultra clean and healthy. A safe, non-toxic formula can also be added to any shampoo to give it a super cleaning boost.

Safe for use on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens over 12 weeks old.  Top Performance Pro Formula Degreaser comes in a 16 oz size and is also available in a 64 oz size (see item #TP96164).

Ingredients: Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Sea Salt, Fragrance, and Color

For extra problem areas: Apply full strength to wet or dry coats. Massage into coat and rinse thoroughly.

For general cleaning: Dilute with water to desired strength and apply to wet coat. Thoroughly massage into pet’s coat beginning at the head and working back towards the tail. Rinse completely. Repeat as necessary.

For an extra cleaning boost: Add a small amount of Pro Formula™ degreaser to your regular shampoo and apply as usual.

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