Zoo Med Pleco Banquet Block Mini, 6 count

Zoo Med

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The Zoo Med Pleco Banquet Block Mini is a convenient and easy-to-use fish food block that is specifically formulated to provide essential nutrients for plecos and other bottom-feeding fish. This pack contains 6 mini blocks, each measuring 1 inch in length, making them perfect for smaller aquariums or for use as a supplement to your fish's regular diet. The block slowly dissolves in the water, releasing a blend of algae, shrimp, and other high-quality ingredients that plecos and other fish love. The block also contains essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and immune function. With no artificial colors or preservatives, the Zoo Med Pleco Banquet Block Mini is a safe and nutritious option for your fish. Simply place the block in your aquarium and let your fish enjoy the benefits of this delicious and nutritious food.