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Wahl Coarse 5-in-1 Replacement Blade

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Keep your Wahl® Arco Clippers working at full speed with replacement blades from PetEdge. The Wahl® Arco SE Replacement Blade Coarse is a replacement blade for Arco SE.

The Wahl® Arco SE Coarse Replacement Blade:

  • Cuts from 0.1mm-3mm
  • Includes plastic lip for easy attachment onto clipper
  • A long-lasting, durable blade

The Wahl Arco SE Coarse Replacement Blade has the same length as the fine blade, but with wider spaces between teeth to accommodate wiry or thicker coats.

The Wahl Arco SE Coarse Replacement Blade fits the Wahl® Arco SE (items WA2541 and WA878), Bravura (items WA10875 and WA4100), and Chromado Clippers (item WA25447), sold separately. Clipper may say Moser for Wahl. A fine (original) replacement blade is also available (item WA17923).

Material: High carbon steel with chrome finish
Cut: Cutting length adjusts from 0.1- 3mm (equal to the cutting lengths of #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40 blades)