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Total Pet Health Inflatable Pet Collar -XS

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This veterinarian-approved inflatable Total Pet Health™ Inflatable Pet Collar is designed to protect pets from scratching and biting at injuries, stitches, rashes, and wounds. A perfect alternative to the Elizabethan style collars. Bite resistant and washable.

Our Total Pet Health™ Inflatable Pet Collars are a comfortable alternative to Elizabethan Collars.

  • Prevents scratching and biting at injuries, stitches, rashes, and wounds
  • Bite resistant and washable
  • With a velcro neck strap and inside loops to secure collar for travel

Material: Plastic.
Care: Simply remove the inflatable section and wash the outer protective cover.

Directions For Use:

  1. Insert the pet’s everyday collar through the inner loops of the Total Pet Health Inflatable Collar.
  2. Inflate the collar until it feels full, but isn’t hard.
  3. Fasten pet’s everyday collar onto the pet and connect the velcro strap on the inflatable collar to close.

Fits Neck Size:

  • X-Small - Up to 6 inches
  • Small - 6" – 10"
  • Medium - 10" – 13"
  • Large - 13" – 18"
  • X-Large - 18" and up