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Top Performance Nylon Table Harness - 27"

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Keep dogs standing with the Top Performance® Adjustable Nylon Table Harness with a double noose. The harness features secure a plastic slide on each loop and one bolt snap.

This Top Performance® Adjustable Nylon Table Harness grooming restraint is the ideal solution for ensuring that dogs remain standing on grooming tables.

  • Woven burgundy-trimmed green nylon harness
  • Two loops: one for the neck and one for the hindquarters
  • Neck loop adjusts up to 42"
  • Waist loop adjusts up to 37"
  • Plastic slides keep the loops secure

Both loops attach to one bolt snap, which allows easy attachment to any grooming arm. The Top Performance® Nylon Table Harness fits small to large dogs.

This product meets or exceeds Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) standards.

Material: Nylon
Size: Neck up to 42"; Waist up to 37"