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Top Performance Natural Fl & Tick Shampoo - Gallon

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This all-natural, environmentally friendly Top Performance® Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo for pets is an effective way to kill fleas and ticks without harsh chemicals or pyrethrin-based pesticides. Ready to use and safe for both dogs and cats over 12 weeks old.

Top Performance® Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo is a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly flea and tick shampoo for pets.

  • Kills fleas and ticks on contact
  • Repels fleas, ticks, to prevent reinfestation
  • No harsh chemicals or pyrethrin-based pesticides
  • Fresh, clean herbal scent
  • Conditions and moisturizes the skin and coat with aloe, lanolin, lecithin and vitamin E antioxidants

Paraben-free and safe for use around children and pets. Safe for dogs 12 weeks old and older.

Active Ingredients:
Peppermint Oil —.25%
Cedar Oil —.5%
Rosemary Oil —1%
Eugenol* —1%
Cinnamon Oil — 1%
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate — 25.1%
*Note: Eugenol is one of three different forms of clove oil.

Other ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Methylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Vitamin E

Active ingredients: Natural plant extracts. While extremely safe for almost all animals, pets should be monitored for individual allergic reactions during and after initial treatment. If a reaction occurs, bathe pet thoroughly and consult a veterinarian.

Frequency of use: Daily, or as needed. Can be used on dogs and cats over 12 weeks old.

Directions for use:

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Wet pet’s coat completely with warm water.
  3. Dispense a generous amount of shampoo into palm of hand and thoroughly massage into pet’s coat beginning at head and working back towards the tail.
  4. Avoid getting into eyes.
  5. Rinse completely.
  6. Repeat as necessary.

Residual/Duration of effectiveness: As long as the fragrance is noticeable. Duration will vary depending on conditions such as absorption by the pet’s coat, activity, and amount applied.