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Top Performance ProDental® Dual-End Toothbrushes - Canister of 50

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Regular brushing sessions help to promote good pet dental health. 

Add dental care to your list of resale products or pet care services and bring in extra revenue while promoting good oral hygiene as part of pets’ routine care! This convenient canister is filled with Top Performance® ProDental® Dual-End Toothbrushes and features eye-catching, informative labeling to make it easy for you to encourage dental care for pets.

  • Each toothbrush offers two head sizes for any dog or cat
  • Soft bristle design that sweeps away food debris, plaque, and tartar
  • Regular brushing helps to control bad breath

A canister of Top Performance® ProDental® Dual-End Toothbrushes includes fifty 9" dual-end toothbrushes.

Size: 8.5" L. The large brush head is 1.25" L, the small brush head is 9/16" L.
Each canister contains 50 pieces.