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Top Performance Fursions Pet Colognes -Chanel No.5

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Top Performance® Fursions Pet Colognes are available in a variety of appealing scents patterned after popular designer fragrances. Each dog cologne is available in an 8 oz bottle.

New and improved Top Performance® Fursions™ Pet Colognes. Ultra-fashionable scents for pets on the go!

  • Patterned after popular designer fragrances
  • Perfect as a finishing touch to a grooming job
  • Freshen up coats between grooming visits

Top Performance® Fursions™ Pet Colognes are available in the following fragrances:

  • Male Scents are Polo and Eternity
  • Female Scents are Light Blue and Chanel
  • Unisex Scent is Ck One

Ingredients: SD Alcohol, Purified Water, and Fragrance