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Top Performance Fashion Dog Bandanas -RedTossed Bones

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Both pets and owners can express themselves with these brightly printed Everyday Bandanas. Available in four colorful designs Blue, and Red Tossed Bones, Retro Love, and Woof Bow Wow. This popular dog apparel item gives dogs a distinctive flair.

Our Everyday Bandanas in your choice of five vibrant, attractive prints make any occasion special. Perfect for finishing a freshly groomed dog or merchandising for resale. Your customers will love them!

  • Generous 22" square provides a comfortable fit for most dogs, and people too
  • High-quality cotton-blend bandanas are machine-washable
  • Can be cut to size

These fun dog apparel items are available in Blue Tossed Bones, Red Tossed Bones, Retro Love, and Woof Bow Wow designs:

Material: Cotton/Polyester blend
Size: 22-inch square
Care: Machine washable.