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Top Performance Fall/Halloween Ssonal Bandanas -Neon Bones

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These eye-catching Top Performance® Seasonal Bandanas come in festive prints that let pets and their owners make a memorable fashion statement. A festive and fun, ever-popular dog-apparel item for every season. Pumpkin, Halloween Glow Ghost & Neon Bones bandanas Glow In The Dark!

Not your run-of-the-mill dog apparel items, these boldly patterned Top Performance Seasonal Bandanas celebrate an array of seasons and holidays, from Christmas and Easter to Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Use them to finish freshly groomed dogs or merchandise them for resale. Your customers will love them!

  • Generous 22" square provides a comfortable fit for most dogs
  • High-quality cotton blends
  • Machine washable
  • Can be cut to size

The Pumpkin, Neon Bones, and  Halloween Glow Ghost bandanas Glow In The Dark!

Material: Cotton/Polyester blend
Size: 22-inch square.
Care: Machine washable.