Tomlyn Laxatone Gel Hairball Remedy Tuna Flavor For Cats, 4.25 oz


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Tomlyn Laxatone Gel is for cats who have problems passing hairballs. We've added oils that act as gentle digestive lubricants. Laxatone coats hairballs and allows them to pass through the digestive system for elimination in your cats stools. Better and more comfortable for your cat, and better for your floor!

  • Lubricates ingested hair, allowing it to move through the digestive tract and pass in the cats stool
  • Gentle hairball remedy for cats: Tomlyn Laxatone oral gel helps eliminate and prevent cat furballs
  • Laxatone cat hairball treatment is available in a range of tasty flavors to suit your cats tastes
  • Palatable, easy-to-administer oral gel; simply place on your cats nose or paws to stimulate licking