Spunky Pup Lil Bitty - Zebra by Spunky Pup

Spunky Pup

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Lil Bitty - Zebra (plush inside textured dental ball)

Lil’ Bitty Squeakers by Spunky Pup are super cute and squeakably-soft toys specially designed for puppies and small dogs. Multi-textured fun with a soft, squeaky plush inside a bouncy, textured ball. 


  • Your small or medium-breed pupper will love chewing on this pinstriped pony.
  • Features a fun squeaker inside to surprise your doggo.
  • Body is encased in spiky, durable thermoplastic rubber ball.
  • Crafted with a soft plush material on the head, ears and feet.
  • Reinforced with a crinkly nylon material for added sensations.
  • Toy Size: 4 inches

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