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SPOT Skinneeez Extrme Stuffer Pig 14In

Regular price $8.95

The Skinneez Extreme Stuffer Pig Dog Toy is a strong, stuffing-free toy that’s built to last through long sessions of tug-o-war and exciting games of fetch. This toy features dimpled fabric and Rip Stop mesh lining for extra strength, and is reinforced with two layers for durability. Because there’s no stuffing, there’s no risk of mess if it gets ripped out. The pig flips and flops as your dog whips it around for endless fun, and can be stuffed with a plastic bottle for a satisfying crunch when he bites down.

  • Stuffing-free toy
  • Features durable Rip Stop mesh lining for added strength
  • Reinforced with two layers for durability
  • No stuffing means endless amount of fun!
  • Can be stuffed with a plastic bottle for extra excitement