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Spot Kitty Fun Boppers Asstd

Regular price $3.95

The Kitty Fun Boppers Cat Toy has everything your cat needs for a fun-filled session of play time. The foam ball at one end of this toy bounces and rolls while the springy mesh at the other end lends itself to interactive play, keeping your cat wildly entertained as she bops and chases it around the house. This toy also lights up when bounced for an added element of excitement and has a unique texture thatā€™s great for your catā€™s claws.

  • Made of springy mesh for hours of interactive play.
  • Foam ball bounces and rolls for added fun and entertainment.
  • Lights up when bounced.
  • Fun texture for catsā€™ claws.
  • Lightweight and perfect cats of all sizes.