Spot Ethical Nice Catch- Insect 100% Catnip Filler

Ethical Pet Products

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Ethical Pet’s Nice Catch Insects cat toy is a lifelike insect made just for your feline friend. It’s designed with a jingle bell and is stuffed with 100% catnip to excite and entice your cat companion. Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, this toy encourages plenty of exercise and play as she pounces, bats and chases it with pure delight. It’s great for interactive play or for a solo cuddle session, plus it’s big enough to hug and kick, which your cat will love.

  • Lifelike insect toy is purr-fect for your playful feline friend.
  • Filled with 100% catnip to drive your cat wild with excitement.
  • Perfect for pouncing, batting, chasing and snuggling, plus it’s big enough to hug and kick.
  • Finished with a jingle bell at the end to entice your kitty.
  • Serves as a great way for indoor cats to get the exercise they need and satisfy their natural desire to hunt.

This item ships in a variety of fun and random characters!

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