Spot Ethical Big Mouse Bertha

Ethical Pet Products

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Go big and go home with the Ethical Pet Big Mouse Bertha & Catnip Cat Toy. This jumbo mouse toy features realistically fuzzy fur and a dangly tail to activate the natural hunting instinct in your kitty. With catnip inside and crinkle material for extra fun and excitement, this big rodent buddy will give your cat hours of enor-mousely fun play! Mouse comes in three assorted colors—each order ships with one mouse in a surprise color your catty will love!

  • This seven-inch mouse is ready for some big fun.
  • The lifelike mouse has a realistically furry exterior and a long, chase-able tail.
  • These big floppy mice are nice to carry around while meowing, too.
  • Crinkle material keeps fur-buds excited with fun noises.
  • Catnip inside makes cats happy and playful.
  • Each order ships with one big mouse in a color chosen at random—see which one you get!

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