Spot Dura-Fused Leather Bone Tug 18in

Ethical Pet Products

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The Ethical Pet Dura-Fused Leather Bone Tug Dog Toy will keep your good girl tugging and playing for hours. It’s got a bone made of durable real leather and rope loops on either end, so everyone can get a solid grip for tug of war. Terrific for interactive play with your pupper or even multi-dog tug sessions, this toy works great for fetch and toss games, too! Dura-fused leather and jute with double-stitched seams help this bone tug stand up to lots of frenzied tug and chase sessions.

  • Double-looped rope toy with a bone in the middle makes a great tug of war device.
  • Pups can grab onto one of the loops or sink their teeth into the leather bone to get a good grip
  • Can be used as a fetching toy, too.
  • Dura-fused real leather and jute with double-stitched seams help this toy handle a lot of tugs and bites.
  • 18-inch length makes this toy a good choice for dogs of various sizes.

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