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Slumber Pet Plush Mat - XL - 41" x 27" - Blue

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In or out of crates, pets will love the warm and cozy feel of the Slumber Pet™ Plush Dog Mat, high-quality dog crate mats that provide warmth and comfort when it's time to nap. Mix and match sizes and colors for quantity discounts.

Versatile and durable Slumber Pet Plush Mats keep pets comfortable and protect them from drafts and cold floors.

  • Double-sided plush fur
  • Polyfiber batting for extra comfort
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Size and color options available

Sized to fit Vari-Kennels. Slumber Pet Plush Mats are available in the colors and sizes listed below. All sizes measure 1 1/4" thick.

Material: Double-sided plush fur; Polyfiber batting
Color: Gray and Royal Blue
Care: Machine wash/dry, low temperatures

Sizing Guide:

Bed: When dog is laying down, measure the pet’s body length from the base of tail to the tip of the nose, and add a minimum of 9"-12". For bolster or cuddler-style beds, add a minimum of 4"-6".

Crate Mat: Refer to the base dimensions of your crate or kennel. If dimensions do not match exactly, we recommend selecting a crate mat 1/2"-1" smaller than the base dimensions of your crate.

Sizes correspond to the Vari-Kennel models as follows:

Small 18" x 13" fits 100P
Medium 23" x 16" fits 200P
Intermediate 26" x 17" fits 300P
Large 32" x 20" fits 400P
X-Large 35" x 22" fits 500P
XX-Large 41" X 27" fits 600P