Sentry Calming Spray for Dogs, 1 oz


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Sentry Calming Spray for Dogs uses proven GoodBehavior pheromone technology to modify a wide range of stress-related behaviors, including inappropriate marking, excessive barking, and problematic chewing. Spray in the car, crates, kennels, and anywhere else to create a "safe spot".

  • Proven GoodBehavior pheromone technology relieves canine anxiety
  • Reduces stress behaviors, including marking, barking & chewing
  • Creates "safe spots" in cars, crates, kennels & more
  • Great for adult dogs and puppies

The GoodBehavior pheromone mimics the pheromone produced by mother dogs to reassure puppies. This drug-free spray allows dogs to naturally associate certain areas with "safety", creating a calming effect that persists even after the spray is used.

Directions: Spray one short burst in the area where your dog will spend time immediately before bringing your dog to the area. Hold can in an upright position. Do not spray pet directly in the face.

Pheromones: 0.01%
Inert Ingredients: 99.99%
Total: 100.00%