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Savvy Tabby Knit Mice, Fur Mice & Ball Toys, 12 pk

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Our Savvy Tabby® Cat Toy 12-Packs are a great value and are designed to keep cats entertained for hours. Includes three each of four different types of toys: knit mice, fur mice, jingle bell balls and rattle balls.

A terrific 12 pack of Savvy Tabby Knit Mice, Fur Mice & Ball Toys is perfect for retail resale. Each pack features a dozen cat toys that will charm your cat customers and keep kitties entertained for a long time.

  • Knit Mice feature a homespun knitted design and have catnip inside
  • Fur Mice have long fuzzy plush "fur" and a rattle inside
  • Terry Balls are soft and have a rattle inside
  • Plastic Lattice Balls are brightly colored with a jingle bell inside

Material: Polyester fabric, polyester filling, catnip, plastic, rattle, bell

  • Knit Mice - 2⅜"
  • Tipped Fur Mice - 2"
  • Lattice Ball - 1½"
  • Plush Ball - 1¾"