Remedy + Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion 0.5%, 4 oz

Remedy + Recovery

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Remedy + Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion is used to soothe skin, reduce inflammation or swelling and relieve itching. It's mostly used on pets with skin rashes, where scratching has irritated or cut the skin, itching resulting from insect bites, healing moist eczema, or flea bite dermatitis.  Bathe the pet or clean the area before using. Separate the fur as much as possible or clip it away from the irritation. 4 oz. For Dogs, Cats and Ferrets.


• For Skin Irritations, Inflammation, Moist Eczema & Itching
• For Dogs, Cats and Ferrets
• Reduces Swelling
• Stops Itching


Apply light amounts of lotion to the skin several times a day, Only a thin coat is necessary. It may be necessary to use a recovery collar to keep pet from licking the medicine while she's healing.


This is a drug. Do not allow dog to lick it, or other animals in the family to lick it off of the one being treated. Keep out of reach from children.