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Redbarn Mammoth Bone

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Redbarn's Mammoth Bones are a natural way to clean teeth and exercise muscles. They improve a dog’s dental health by exercising gums and scraping teeth. These natural bones can be fed anytime as a snack or reward, as a substitute for chewing furniture (especially useful for teething puppies!), to occupy a dog during travel time or to help alleviate separation anxiety. They provide an enjoyable chewing experience and satisfy a dog's natural carnivorous instincts.

  • 100% natural beef bones
  • Individually shrink-wrapped
  • Cut, cleaned, and lightly smoked for great flavor
  • Each bone measures about 12-18 inches, great for large breed dogs
  • Promotes dental health, hard exterior helps clean teeth as pet chews

Ingredients: Beef Bone.

Caloric Content

1,484 kcal/kg, 1,264 kcal/bone