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ProSelect Stainless Steel Bowls w/ Rubber Base -16 oz

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Durable ProSelect® Stainless Steel Bowls with Silicone Bases have non-skid 100% silicone bottoms to protect against slipping, sliding, or damaging floors while dogs eat.

Our ProSelect® Stainless Steel Bowls with Silicone Bases combine the durability and convenience of stainless steel dog bowls with non-skid silicone bottoms.

  • Won’t slip, slide, or damage floors while dogs eat
  • Easy to clean bowls are dishwasher-safe
  • Built to resist scratches, rust, and denting

ProSelect® Stainless Steel Bowls with Silicone Bases are available in 9, 16, 30, 52, and 88 ounce sizes.

Material: Stainless steel; Non-skid silicone bases

  • 9 oz  –  4½" W, 1½" D
  • 16 oz  –  5¼" W, 1¾" D
  • 30 oz  –  6½" W, 2⅛" D
  • 52 oz  –  8" W, 2⅝" D
  • 88 oz  –  9¼" W, 3" D


  • 9oz  –  9 oz/1¼ cups/266ml
  • 16oz  –  16 oz/2 cups/473ml
  • 30oz  –  30 oz/3¾ cups/887ml
  • 52oz  –  52 oz/6½ cups/1½ L
  • 88oz  –  88 oz/20 cups/4.7L

Care: Packaging labels are affixed with a glue that stands up to the rigors of retail display. A citrus-oil-based degreaser such as Goo Gone will dissolve the glue so the label can be removed more easily. Presoaking a bowl in water is NOT recommended before using a degreaser. Alternatively, an organic method of applying olive oil or another cooking oil to the label could work. Please allow oil to sit overnight before attempting to remove the label. After removal, wash bowl with hot, soapy water.