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Prevue Pet Products Royalty Cage Black 27"L x 21"W and 58.5"H

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The Prevue Pet Products Medium Bird Cage provides an expansive, comfortable place for your pet birds to live. It can accommodate a larger bird such as a cockatoo or a parrot or multiple smaller ones like finches or parakeets. Made of wrought-iron and made in a pagoda-inspired design, it is sturdy, durable and fashionable. The powder-coated finish is non-toxic, making it safe for birds. This wrought-iron birdcage also features a pull-out drawer, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. There are three stainless-steel cups for holding food and water, as well as a guard around the sides to catch spilled seeds and keep them off the floor. The wood perch gives birds a place to sit and observe the world or to take a rest. A push-button locking mechanism keeps the door securely shut but is also easy to open when you want to get your pet out for some face-to-face interaction. Caster wheels make the Royalty Pagoda birdcage easy to relocate when necessary.

  • 27"L x 21"W and 58.5"H
  • .75" wire spacing
  • Wrought-iron bird cage
  • Includes 3 stainless steel cups, wood perch, and a seed guard set
  • Elegant in a non-toxic, powder-coated finish
  • Item 3172