Prevue Pet Products Pre-Packed Square Top Parakeet or Cockatiel Cages 25"L x 21"D

Prevue Pet Products

Regular price $300.95

Prevue Pet Products pre-pack of two Square Top Keet/Tiel bird cage contains one Black and one White bird cage. Includes bottom grille, pullout plastic bottom drawer, 2 wood perches (1/2in diameter) and 2 plastic hooded cups. There is a large front door that has a smaller door within it. Overall dimensions of the large door are 11.25inW x 13inH; the smaller door is 5inW x 6inH. Ideal for parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds and other similar-sized birds. 25in L x 21in D x 29.5in H with 1/2in Wire Spacing. This Product/Package Measures: 25.50 in. L x24.50 in W x10.25 in D

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