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Prevue Pet Products Mesh Seed Catcher Large 13in High

Regular price $9.95

Prevue Seed Catchers make bird messes a thing of the past! These convenient nylon mesh nets fit snugly around your birdcage, reaching up past the food cup height, and catch seed debris before it can fall out. The nylon mesh is washable, durable, and breathable, and has an elastic band to keep it tight. The soft, airy fabric allows for air circulation and does not block out the light so your bird's cage interior remains bright

  • Simple, versatile, washable nylon mesh catchers help bird owners control seed debris
  • Designed to fit over the outside of the cage base and raise above the food cup height
  • Heavy-duty elastic band holds it tight
  • Cleaning: hand wash with mild soap and dry thoroughly before returning it to the cage