Prevue Pet Products Cosmic Crunch Small Perch 6in Long

Prevue Pet Products

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Prevue Pet Products Cosmic Crunch Small Perch is made from 100% natural digestible ground calcium with real seashells! Variable perch shape exercises feet while the texture grooms your bird's nails and beak. A healthy alternative to ordinary perches our Cosmic Crunch Small Perch is 6in Long. This Product/Package Measures: 6.00 in. L x4.00 in W x0.50 in D

  • Made from rubber tree wood and coated in 100 percentage seashell
  • Seashell coating helps to keep nails and beaks trimmed
  • Uneven shape provides birds with excellent foot exercise
  • Product can easily be washed off with just a little water
  • Ideal for parakeets, cockatiels, and other birds of that size

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