Prevue Pet Products Bodacious Bites Explosion Bird Toy

Prevue Pet Products

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The Prevue Pet Products Bodacious Bites Explosion Bird Toy is like CrossFit for birds without you having to spend all that money at Lululemon. This exciting buffet of activities starts with a solid hardwood body strung together with cotton and leather strips that connect an array of bird toys, beads, shells and a variety of other objects to offer multiple shapes and textures. Each piece is non-toxic and the entire toy can be connected easily to any cage with the included quick-link attachments. An ideal way for birds to get plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Bodacious Bites Explosion is a handmade toy made of Heveawood (rubberwood) branches, wooden beads, cotton rope, sisal fiber, stainless steel wire, plastic straw, banana stem rope, colored sisal rope, coconut shell, bamboo. For large birds.This Product/Package Measures: 11.00 in. L x23.00 in W x8.00 in D

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