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Prevue Naturals Coco Monkey Small/Medium Bird Toy

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Hang cute monkey head in your bird's cage and watch him climb all over it to explore the fibrous head, ears that stick out, and googly eyes. Monkey head is an entire coconut shell with "hair" on top perfect for preening. As your bird climbs down the head, he'll discover the funny monkey's open mouth that holds an assortment (7-10) of foot toys. As your bird pulls out each one, he'll uncover another fun texture. Foot toys are an assortment of all-natural materials that are responsibly harvested, such as bamboo, wood, cuttlebone, and sisal. Each is a perfect piece to chew or preen and the variety of textures keeps your bird entertained for hours. When your bird has unearthed the foot toys, fill gaping monkey mouth with your bird's favorite treats or food, and it becomes an instant foraging toy.