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Prevue Pet Products Plastic Bird Bath 1250 is a wonderful addition to your birds’ cage environment, and can function either as a bird bath or a mess-control feeder. It is made of a two-piece construction, which includes a base and protective hood designed to contain mess and debris. It comes with two clips that can hook on to horizontal cages wires and hang inside or outside the cage, or rest on the cage floor.  Ideal for smaller birds, such as finch, canary, budgie, and lovebird. We recommend filling with ½” of water or less and enjoy watching your birds splash and play. Our Plastic Bird Bath comes in a white base, with a clear hood and measures 6 1/8” Long, 5 3/8” Wide, 6 7/8” High.

Protective hood contains splashes and mess
•    2 hooks attach to horizontal cage wires or can rest on the cage floor
•    Two-piece construction – the top separates from the base for filling/cleaning
•    For use inside or outside the cage
•    Can be hung on sliding food/water cup door openings measuring 3 ¼” Long x 3 ¾” High or smaller
•    For small birds like finch, canary, budgie and cockatiel
•    Also functions as a mess-control feeder
•    Measures 6 1/8” Long, 5 3/8” Wide, 6 7/8” High

Material Plastic
Unit of Sale EA
Overall Size 6 1/8” L x 5 3/8” W x 6 7/8” H
Animal Sizes X-Small, Small, Medium