Petlinks Safari HappyNip Lion Launcher Cat Toy by Petlinks


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Petlinks Safari HappyNip Lion Launcher Cat Toy
Your kitty will love playing with Petlinks HyperNip Safari Lion Launcher Cat Toy! This precious lion toy is designed with multiple textures including jute rope and faux fur to capture your cat’s attention. It also has an elastic loop so you can fling it through the air and encourage your kitty to chase it! And for even more excitement, it’s packed with Petlinks’ HappyNip—a combination of silvervine and catnip. Silvervine is a wild-growing herb that, similarly to catnip, can have an effect on cats, especially on those who don’t normally respond to catnip. While some kitties respond to catnip more than others, it typically ignites a burst of energy that’s followed by a period of “purr” relaxation. Not only will your cat love her new toy, but you’ll love knowing that Petlinks toys are crafted with environmentally friendly, sustainable and organic materials and designed to child safety standards!

Size: 6.12 x 2.5 x 1 inches

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