Petlinks Plush Player Squirrel Refillable w/Catnip Tube


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Refillable catnip toys are by far the allow you to refresh the catnip in your cat's favorite toy for endless fun. Plush Players refillable catnip toys are extra plush with soft fur to delight your kitty. Plush Players toys also come with a tube of Pure Bliss organic catnip for multiple refills. Pure Bliss tubes are sealed to keep catnip fresh and have a small opening that makes it easy to refill your toy.

  • Extra-plush refillable squirrel catnip toy with tube of Pure Bliss Organic catnip for refills
  • Larger refillable toy paired with catnip-filled buddy toy
  • Catnip energizes and delights cats
  • Designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee from Petlinks