Petkin PetWipes Valu-Pak 60 count


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Keep your furry family member fresh and clean without having to fill up the bathtub with Petkin Petwipes Vanilla & Coconut Valu-Pak Dog & Cat Wipes. These extra-soft and easy-to-use pet wipes are pre-moistened with a natural cleansing formula that help to keep your pup or kitty looking shiny and smelling sweet without the need for water or shampoo. With a pleasing vanilla and coconut scent, the addition of moisturizers like aloe and lanolin, and the use of soothing oatmeal extract, these cleansing wipes will leave your fur baby free from daily dirt and odor as they keep their coat soft and sleek. And they’re gentle enough to use on your pet’s entire body, including their face, every day of the week!
- Easy-to-use pet cleansing wipes are perfect for all breeds and sizes of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
- Pleasing vanilla coconut fragrance leave pets smelling fresh and clean without the need for a full bath.
- Pre-moistened wipes quickly wipe away daily pet dirt and odor but won’t remove topical flea prevention.
- Gentle wipe formula contains soothing oatmeal extract, aloe, lanolin, and vitamins A and E for shiny coats.
- Super-soft pet bath wipes are non-toxic and alcohol-free, making them gentle enough for use around eyes.