Petkin Pet Hair Roller Refills - Lavender - 120 count


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Removes pet hair and odor. Deodorizes with a fresh clean lavender scent. New 2-in-1 Petkin Pet Hair Roller & Fabric Freshener combines powerful hair-lifting sheets with deodorizing fabric freshener infused inside. Use as you would a regular lint roller. Simply roll on clothing or furniture to lift away pet hair and reduce odors, while leaving behind a fresh lavender scent. Quickly removes lint, dust, dandruff and pet hair from almost any surface. Safe for all fabrics, leather, nylon, etc. Also works great on floors, windows, bedspreads, even your bathroom. There are hundreds of uses around the house, your car or in your workplace. 60 easy-peel layers per roll
- Removes pet hair and odor
- Deodorizes with a fresh clean scent
- Quickly removes lint