Petkin PetKin Charcoal Filter Potty Pads -50 count


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Choose between the 10-Count or 50-Count Petkin Large 22" x 22" Pet Training Eco Super Absorbent and Odor Eliminating Bamboo Charcoal Filter Potty Pads to train your new Puppy or Dog. The Charcoal Filter Pottypads absorb liquid faster and destroy odors better with the natural power of Bamboo Charcoal. Large Size make is perfect for inside a crate, or laying on the floor and easy to grab for cleanup. Hold up to 3 CUPS of liquid, which is much more then the traditional potty pad, plus the grey top hides wet waste, and the natural Bamboo Charcoal Filter with natural odor eliminating powers make it the ideal eco friendly potty pad for your home.
- Each pad measures 22 by 22 inches, with 4 Layers - 1. Quick Drying, Tear Resistant Top Sheet; 2. Deodorizing Charcoal Filter; 3. Super Absorbent Core; 4. Plastic Backing
- Build in Attractant with Quick Drying Surface and holds up to 3 CUPS of Liquid
- Leak Proof with Plastic Backing to Protect Floors
- Charcoal Grey Top Hides Pet Waste, while Bamboo Charcoal Filer Naturally Deodorizes Destroying Odors
- Great for Training Puppies, Adult Dogs, Aging Dogs, or as an Alternative to the Outdoors for Indoor Pets