Paul Frank Pet Multi Julius Rubberized Collars & Leashes -Small Leash

Paul Frank Pet

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Multi Julius Rubberized Collar
The Multi Julius collar fits every mood your dog is in throughout the day. Bold and bright, the embossed detailing and soft finish make a statement around your pooch's neck. The rubberized material makes it comfortable and durable to wear and easily adjustable for a perfect fit. And no trinket could be more charming than Julius himself who hangs around the collar. Capture your dog's whimsical moods with this multifaceted Julius collar.

Multi Julius Rubberized Leash

The Multi Julius leash perfectly complements the matching rubberized collar. The embossed detailing of Julius is hard to miss on this stylish leash. Made of the same durable rubberized material, the leash is soft to touch and even easier to handle. The sturdy metal buckle is strong and box stitched for extra safety.

Collar Sizes

  • X-Small: 7" - 9" (5/8" wide)
  • Small: 10" - 14" (5/8" wide)
  • Medium: 15" - 19" (3/4" wide)
  • Large: 20" - 25" (1" wide)

Leash Sizes

  • Small: 5 feet long, 5/8 inch wide
  • Large: 5 feet long, 1 inch wide