Muttluks Muttluks Mud Monsters (set of 2) - X-Small - Orange


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* Flexible sole bends and offers traction
* Elasticized hook and loop fastener wraps around twice for snug, stay-put fit
* Superior paw protection that's easy to put on
Protect your pet's paws from burning-hot pavement and paw-cutting debris. These rugged summer dog boots are soft on paws, tough on terrain! They feature treaded soles made from recycled rubber. The sole offers "barefoot" technology that flexes and adapts to paw shape and movement for better grip and comfort. Each is constructed from breathable mesh and microfiber. Mud Monsters protect the paws from excessive heat and surface wounds on hot pavement or sand, plus sidewalks and trails.

The self-fastening closures are elasticized and they wrap around twice for a secure fit. The extra large opening at top makes them easy to slip on without hurting the dew claws. Reflective accents provide low-light visibility and safety. 

How to measure your pet
Choose a size that fits the entire paw including toenails and excluding fur. Place dog's paw on a piece of paper. Make a mark at the end of the longest nail, a mark on both sides, and a mark at the bottom of the paw. Measure the width and the total length according to these marks, and refer to the sizing chart.