Muttluks Belted Coat - Size 12 - Pink


Regular price $50.00

Belted Coats are available in sizes 8 to 38 – Is adjustable and fits medium and robust dogs well. Excellent for terriers and larger dogs. Features 3 layers of warmth, a new gray sherpa interior, and a new lead hole. Sizing - Measure in inches from the back of the collar, along the dog’s back, to the base of the tail. Coordinating Muttluks sold seperately.

Muttluks Belted Coats now feature our new eco-attitude packaging solution. The unique, versatile sleeve hanger hook is perfect for peg, shelf or tabletop display. The sleeve provides a size guide, product features & photo. Designed, proudly packaged and printed in Canada.

Please Note: Large Breed Sizes (34 & 38) are only avialble in Red and Black.

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