Multipet Look Whos Talking Duck 5in


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The Multipet Look Who’s Talking line of toys is fun plush toys that make sounds when squeezed. The sounds help get your pup's attention and maintain a pet's focus during play. This toy can also work as a comfort item for pets when owners are away. It's soft and plush and can make a nice pillow for your furry friend. What makes the sounds is a battery-operated voice box inside the toy that makes realistic sounds when squeezed. The batteries are encased and cannot be removed. This toy is only recommended for dogs that love to cuddle their toys. Stuffing is made from recycled water bottles, for a sustainable world.

  • Multipet dog toy is ideal for interactive play or cuddling
  • Soft and durable plush material
  • Plush dog toy makes realistic animal noises when squeezed or thrown
  • Height: 5"
  • Other animals available: cat, chicken, chimpanzee, cow, dog, duck, goldfish, koala, lobster, monkey, parrot, pig, rabbit, rooster, and sheep

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