Multipet Look Whos Talking Cow 7in


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Round up some playtime fun with the Multipet Look Who's Talking Cow Plush Dog Toy. This plush toy—literally music to your pup’s ears—has a built-in voice box that actually moos whenever it’s squeezed! Easily tossed, it’s great for playing fetch, and makes a soft cuddle buddy that’s perfect for nap time. Constructed with reinforced stitching and no plastic parts, this toy is made to be loved.

  • Plush toy moos when it’s squeezed to make playtime more exciting for your dog.
  • The built-in voice box activates when dogs squeeze it to get them engaged in play.
  • Great for playing fetch and to prevent boredom and provide healthy exercise.
  • Durable stitching and a soft, velvety exterior make it great for cuddling, too.
  • Made with no plastic parts like eyes or nose that can be swallowed.

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