Miracle Corp Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder 6 ounces Resealable Tub

Miracle Corp

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This styptic powder quickly helps stop bleeding from minor cuts and nail clippings. Kwik Stop has been the leading styptic powder for over 40 years, and this powder contains Benzocaine to block pain and stop bleeding. Ingredients: Ferric Subsulfate, Aluminum Chloride, Diatomite, Bentonite, Copper Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Benzocaine. Directions: Apply with moistened cotton applicator to the cut, nail or other superficial bleeding area using moderate pressure for five to ten seconds. Do not use on deep wounds or body cavities.


  • Stops bleeding from minor cuts and nail clipping
  • Benzocaine helps reduce discomfort
  • Eases pain and itching in minor wounds
  • Allows for healing with minimal discomfort
  • Ferric subsulfate contracts blood vessels to stop bleeding
  • For dogs, cats, and birds of all sizes and ages
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