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Mendota Pet Command/Slip Collar - 20" - Orange

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Perfect for Training Any Dog

Mendota Braided Command Slip Collars are a great alternative to traditional chain slip collars for training, and they look great too!

If your dog pulls during a training session, the slip collar will tighten until your pooch corrects, at which point it will loosen. Even though these collars are very strong, they are still soft on your dog's neck.

Function with Style

With a variety of colorful options to choose from, you are sure to find a slip collar that looks great on your pup. He or she is bound to be the best looking dog in obedience class, or even in the neighborhood. Even better, they work great with our Snap Leads for continued training and ease of use.

Product Highlights:
ā€¢Tightens when pulled and loosens when your dog heeds your correction.
ā€¢A great alternative to traditional chain slip collars for training.
ā€¢Durable thick polypropylene rope for extreme durability.
ā€¢Corrosion-resistant brass hardware.
ā€¢Genuine oil-tanned leather accents.
ā€¢Available in 10 colors and multiple sizes
ā€¢Matching Leashes Available
ā€¢Made in the USA

Available Sizes:
ā€¢3/8 x 16 in
ā€¢3/8 x 18 in
ā€¢3/8 x 20 in
ā€¢3/8 x 22 in
ā€¢3/8 x 24 in
ā€¢3/8 x 26 in

Sizing Instructions: When measuring your dogs neck size add four inches to the final measurement. For example: A 12" neck would need a 16" Command Collar, a 16" would need a 20", etc.