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Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

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What breeds are in my dog? Why does he look the way he does? Why does he like to swim and dig holes in the yard? Could I be doing more to provide him with the best care possible and make him happier and healthier? Now dog owners can answer these questions and develop a more targeted care plan for the overall health and well-being of their furry family members with the Wisdom Panel 3.0 canine DNA test. Investments into the accuracy of the science, as well as enhancements towards the overall service and experience, have resulted in several improvements towards the development of the Wisdom Panel 3.0 canine DNA test.

Features include: Illumina Platform: MDR1 Genetic Mutation Test: Direct testing for the mutant MDR1 gene (multidrug sensitivity). Results can assist in the prevention of serious adverse drug reactions. MDR1 test value: $70. Improved technology with the Illumina testing chip for higher marker counts. Increase in Genetic Markers and Accuracy: Seven times the genetic markers for improved accuracy. HTML Reports: HTML report format allows easy access and interaction from smartphones and tablets. Eco-friendly and Cost-saving Packaging: By moving to a smaller box size, shipping costs and cardboard usage are reduced.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Collect samples from inside dog's cheek, mail back in postage-paid envelope and earn your dog's ancestry. Results e-mailed within 2-3 weeks.

Reveal Your Dog’s Family Tree: From knowing his favorite treats to understanding the meaning of each howl and bark, the relationship you have with your dog is strong and special. You can get to know your dog even better. Owners of mixed-breed dogs can learn their pet's breed history through dog DNA testing, tracing back their family trees to reveal answers explaining certain behaviors, personality traits and even health conditions. Finally, you can satisfy your curiosity and get the answer to that common question: “What kind of dog do you have?”

With your dog’s ancestry revealed, you can build an even stronger bond with your dog. Custom training, nutrition and health plans catered to your dog’s natural tendencies and behaviors will ensure a well-balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for both pet and owner.

All it takes is a simple dog DNA test. Wisdom Panel Insights is a comprehensive dog breed test that helps owners determine their dogs’ family tree with just a swipe of a cheek swab.

Within a few short weeks, you can learn your dog’s history and understand his active nature, or his herding tendencies, or his long, shaggy coat.

Breed Library: The Wisdom Panel Insights Breed Library Detecting 185+ Breeds in a Mixed-Breed Dog. Wisdom Panel Insights covers 159 of the 161 American Kennel Club (AKC) registered dogs plus eleven additional breeds, most of which are found on the AKC's Foundation Stock Service List. By understanding the various breeds' traits and histories, you may be able to recognize some of them in your mixed-breed dog.

What Will My Dog's Report Tell Me?: Wisdom Panel Insights not only detects the breeds in your dog’s ancestry, it will also model an ancestry chart showing where each breed was likely involved so you can see when the breeds contributed to your dog’s family history! Parent: A breed that represents approximately 50% of your dog’s DNA. You are likely to see the most physical and behavioral traits from this breed. Dogs with mixed-breed parents will not have a breed represented at this level. Grandparent: A breed that represents approximately 25% of your dog’s DNA. You may see some physical and behavioral traits from this breed. Dogs with a very mixed ancestry may not have a breed represented at this level. Great-Grandparent: A breed that represents approximately 12.5% of your dog’s DNA. You are unlikely to see many traits from this breed unless they are dominant.


  • Breed ancestry tree going back three generations.
  • MDR1 testing; Direct testing for the mutant MDR1 gene (multi drug sensitivity); results can assist in the prevention of serious adverse drug reactions
  • Adult weight range prediction to help with nutrition and diet choices.
  • Access for consumers to the Mars Veterinary customer care team for report questions and trait analysis.
  • Ancestry certificate for framing.
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