KONG Squeezz Action Ball Blue Medium Dog Toy


Regular price $7.99

The Kong Squeezz Action Ball is the perfect balance between bouncy and durable for fun-loving dogs who love to chew and fetch! The vibrant two-toned, rubber ball is designed with two textures for easy gripping and a ton of engaging fun. What’s especially exciting about this dog toy is the safely embedded squeaker designed to perk pups right up! Playing with the Squeezz Action Ball is a great way to prevent your pal from getting bored, plus it will encourage him to get the exercise he needs to feel his best. With an interactive play like a friendly game of fetch, you’ll be able to strengthen the bond you have with your furry friend even further!

  • The two-toned ball is designed with more than one texture for an easy grip and added excitement.
  • The dynamic rubber is perfect for bouncing, rolling, and throwing for a game of fetch of course!
  • Designed with a built-in squeaker for an enticing sound that will grab your pup’s attention.
  • Comes in more than one size so you can choose the best fit for your furry friend.
  • Helps encourage interactive play and an active lifestyle to help

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