KONG Jumbler Disc Medium/Large


Regular price $10.99

Bring new excitement and added entertainment to your pup's favorite game with the Jumbler Disc from KONG. This unique toy takes fetch to a whole new level—with an interior tennis ball and a loud squeaker, it holds your pal's attention while the handle makes it easy for you to lift, shake and toss. It's ideal for interactive play, whether at the park or in your own backyard, and paw-feet for play with multiple dogs. No matter where you are, your BFF will love this fun new way to exercise and bond with her favorite human or furry friends.

  • The fun, 2-in-1 toy combines everything your dog loves about a frisbee with the joy of a tennis ball.
  • Interior tennis ball "jumbles" around the center as this toy flies shakes and rolls around during playtime.
  • Loud squeaker helps to keep your furry friend engaged, pleasing those pups who love to make noise.
  • Ideal for interactive fun, this toy works during one-on-one play with your pal, or with a group of pups at the park.
  • Handle makes it easy to lift, fling, and pull—both for you and your companion.


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