Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay 60oz


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Kaytee Wafer Cut Timothy Hay is Timothy Hay that is packed so it will peel off in layers for easy feeding and less mess. Wafer Cut Timothy Hay is hand-selected to ensure the long fiber strands and proper leaf to stem ratio to support digestive health. Kaytee Wafer Cut Timothy Hay is grown in the ideal ecological location for moisture and climate control and is then stored in a protected environment to ensure the quality and superior nutritional value are maintained. Timothy Hay is ideal for small animals over 7 months of age because it is higher in fiber to support digestive health and lower in protein and calcium than alfalfa to support urinary health. Offer Wafer Cut Timothy Hay as a compliment to any Kaytee food. 

  • Hi-quality hay for a good fiber treat
  • Peel-off convenient due to short strands
  • Compliments any fortified food
  • Wafer shape that creates less mess

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