Kaytee Kapok All Natural Small Animal Bedding 35 g , 1 count


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Kaytee Kapok All Natural Small Animal Bedding 35g is a natural and soft nesting material for soft cozy comfort. The nest is a very important structure in a small mammals life cycle. They inherently exhibit very interesting and entertaining behaviors during the nest-building process. A nest provides your little friend with safety, security, and comfort. Encourage your pets natural burrowing and nesting instincts with this natural kapok nesting material. Kapok is a plush and silky fiber from the kapok tee.

  • Natural, soft nesting material
  • Great for hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, rats, and other small animals
  • Creates a sense of security for your pet
  • Made from natural kapok filling
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Replace your furry friends nesting material with a fresh and clean supply each and every week.