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Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt Small Animal Tropical Mix 3.5oz

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Kaytee Yogurt Dipped Treats are a delight for your pets. They are crunch-fortified nuggets with a yogurt coating. These treats are a good way to bond with your pet. They also add variety to your pet's diet. Fiesta Blueberry and Banana Flavored Tropical Fruit and Yogurt will bring enjoyment to your pet. Kaytee treats may be used as a treat for doing tricks or being a good pet. Or they may be used as a training reward. If you are trying to get your pet to obey a command, this delicious treat will be a good incentive. These small animal treats are a healthy and fun way to bond with your pet. They come in a handy 3.5-oz bag.

  • Made with real tropical fruit
  • Crunch-fortified nuggets of nutrients
  • Covered in fruit-flavored yogurt
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Use these Kaytee treats as a training reward