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JW Pet GripSoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

Regular price $8.95

JW Pet GripSoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin is perfect for daily grooming. The brush handle utilizes an ergonomic shape and rubber padding to ensure that holding the brush is comfortable and that the brush does not slip. The soft pins that comb through your pet's coat are angled on the circular brush head to ensure that the brush is safe for dogs with sensitive skin whilst still effectively removing dead fur and preventing matted fur.

The JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker comes in two sizes; though this is the standard size for the brush, aĀ smaller versionĀ also exists for small and petite dogs and puppies. For other brushes from JW Pet, check out theĀ JW Pet GripSoft Bristle Dog Brush. You'll love how easy grooming is with this brush so order it for your dog today!

  • Ergonomic handle contours to hand for good grip
  • Rubber handle prevents slipping
  • Perfect for daily brushing