JW Pet Feather Ball with Bell

JW Pet

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JW Pet Cataction Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy makes the perfect gift for any feline to help keep them entertained and active. This unique toy features a bell with feathers attached that has been placed inside a ball made from natural rubber. The rubber ball is durable and encases the bell to create an added dimension to the bell's noise. The noise and the feather both work to keep your cat enticed and delighted. The JW Pet Cataction Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy encourages cats to practice their natural pouncing instincts on acceptable play prey. The outer layer of rubber ensures that toy bounces and rolls effectively when your cat bats at the toy for added fun. Your cat will love this toy so order it now!

  • - Made with durable natural rubber
  • - Feathers and bell keeps cats entertained
  • - Encourages natural instincts and engaging play



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